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Patented #11814887

Made in the U.S.A.

* Patent #11814887*

Create Your Own   
Hidden Storage Today

Rated #1 New Release on AMAZON !
(in wall safes)

  • Invisible hardware

  • Creates instant access

  • Works with most picture frames

  • Installs easily in under 30 minutes

  • No alterations to wall or picture frame

*Picture Frame and Safe not included

Enjoy quick access to your firearm
Gain easy access to utilities

Gun owners have long struggled with how to securely store their firearm while still having quick access.  

When the HiddenHinge is used in combination with a wall-safe, gun owners are able to keep their firearms safely secured, conveniently located and quickly accessible.  


Do you have a gas / plumbing shut-off or other utilities located in an inconvenient location? 


The HiddenHinge gives homeowners an easy way to cover unsightly access panels without the need for bulky or expensive cabinets.  Simply put a picture frame over the utility and enjoy convenient access. 

Keep your property hidden

The HiddenHinge gives homeowners an easy way to conceal anything behind a standard picture frame.    When used with a wall-safe homeowners can conveniently and securely store jewelry, documents, cash, prescription drugs, passports or other precious items.


Store your valuables in a hidden but convenient location.

Black bank credit card on white backgrou
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American dollars on white background.jpg
Create a secret door

The HiddenHinge can be used to cover any in-wall opening, including a passage-way or doorway.  Creating a hidden room has never been easier.  

The HiddenHinge was designed so that a set of hinges can be mounted to accommodate nearly any size picture frame.  The hinges are made from 18 gauge US-steel to ensure a lifetime of use.  They work well with large picture frames or vertical- wall mirrors.

Interior mirror with reflection, selecti
* Extra magnet latch kit may be needed for heavy frames.
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