About Us

The HiddenHinge is a family owned and operated business founded by two brothers.

The idea for the HiddenHinge first came about when one of the brothers, a Police Officer with over 23 years of experience, began looking for the best firearm storage-solution for his home. His goal was to create an easy solution for keeping his firearm securely stored, quickly accessible, and completely hidden.

After years of experimenting with various types of safes, he decided that a wall-safe provided the best balance of cost, convenience and rapid accessibility. Once he began looking for the best way to conceal a wall-safe, he quickly discovered the lack of any solution that allowed a picture frame to open and close on a wall with no visible hardware. He shared this disappointment with his brother who had more than 20 years of experience in CAD design. Countless hours were invested to create the HiddenHinge, an ultra low-profile compound-hinge with an invisible pivot point.

The HiddenHinge gives homeowners an easy way to conceal access-panels, wall-safes, or any storage area behind a standard picture frame. This patent No. 11,814,887 unique design allows the hardware to remain undetectable so that it appears to be a normally hung picture frame. Once mounted, the picture frame can be easily opened and closed and is held shut with a magnetic latch.

With the HiddenHinge, homeowners can create a hidden storage solution in 20-30 minutes with their own picture frame and a few household tools. Creating hidden storage has never been so easy.

We Thank You for Visiting Our Site, We Truly Appreciate Your Business*It is recommended that firearms be stored in a secure manner at all times.*