Frequently Asked Questions

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What does it do?

The HiddenHinge is the only flat hinge that allows a picture frame to be mounted directly against a wall with no visible hardware exposed.

The easy install design means there is no alteration to the wall or picture frame.

Why can't I just use a piano hinge?
Like nearly all hinges, a piano hinge’s barrel must be positioned outside of the moving area (picture frame) for it to function, which leaves the hinge barrel completely visible.

The HiddenHinge is the ONLY flat hinge where the barrel is concealed.

Where can I install it?
The HiddenHinge can be mounted to any flat surface that accepts wood screws.
How does it work?
The HiddenHinge is designed with four hinge-pins that move in a compound manner, allowing the hardware to remain completely concealed when closed.
How close to the wall does it hold a picture?
A great deal of effort went into designing the HiddenHinge. As a result we were able to ensure that the HiddenHinge is both very strong and incredibly thin, measuring less than 0.1875″ in thickness in the closed position. The low profile design allows the mounted object to lay flat against the wall, with no noticeable difference from the resting position of a normally hung picture frame.
How does it stay closed?
The HiddenHinge comes with black epoxied-coated adhesive magnets. The magnets hold the picture frame closed to the wall until it is opened.
What is the HiddenHinge made out of?
The HiddenHinge is made from 18 gauge U.S. steel.
What finish do the hinge(s) have?
The HiddenHinge has an industrially applied black finish that prevents corrosion and enhances concealment.
Can the HiddenHinge be mounted to a metal object?
No, the hardware provided with the HiddenHinge is designed to be mounted to a wooden object.
What size picture frame will the HiddenHinge work on?
A pair of hinges can be mounted inline with each-other at any distance from 0″ to 72″ apart. This sizing flexibility can accommodate nearly any square or rectangle shaped wall-mounted item. (Picture frame, full-length mirror, etc.)
How much larger than my concealed area should the picture frame be?
The picture frame should be at least 7 inches taller and 7 inches wider than the area to be concealed to account for the mounting area needed for the hinges and magnet latch.
How thin/thick should the picture frame be?
The picture frame should be a minimum of 11/16″ inches in thickness to avoid surface penetration of the 5/8″ picture frame mounting screws.

The picture frame should not exceed a maximum of 1-1/2″ inches in total thickness to allow full range of motion for when the hinge is completely opened.

Can the HiddenHinge work with round or oval objects?
Can the HiddenHinge be mounted for right or left opening?

Yes. The HiddenHinge can be installed for right or left opening applications.

*Please note that if used in conjunction with a wall-safe, most wall-safe manufactures produce safes with a ‘left swing’ door. We recommend mounting the HiddenHinge on the same hinge-side as this arrangement will likely provide the best access to your safe.

What wall-safe should I use with the HiddenHinge?
Any wall safe.

For wall-safes that DO NOT extend more than 0.1875″ from the surface of the wall, nearly any picture frame will work.

For wall-safes that DO extend more than 0.1875″ from the wall, a concave/hollow-back picture frame must be used to accommodate the protruding wall-safe. (i.e canvas wrapped picture frame)

*See Links Section for common wall-safe options

Does the HiddenHinge need to be lubricated?
No, it should not be necessary. If used with a heavier picture frame, some slight mechanical noise from the multiple hinge joints may be noticeable, a small amount of dry lubricant will remedy this.
If I decide to lubricate the HiddenHinge what should I use?

A minimal amount of either dry-lock lubricant or graphite powder.

* Ensure lubricate does not get on anything other than the hinge.

How much weight can the HiddenHinge support?
A set of HiddenHinge(s) can support up to 50lbs of weight.​

*Heavy picture frames should not exceed 36″ in horizontal width.

How far will the HiddenHinge open?

The HiddenHinge opens to 113 degrees.

*Most wall-safes only open to 97 degrees.

How long does it take to install the HiddenHinge?
Installation time is 20-30 minutes.
Where is the HiddenHinge made?
The HiddenHinge is proudly made in the U.S.A
What is the warranty?

The HiddenHinge comes with a Lifetime Warranty covering any defects or malfunction when properly installed. (See Warranty Information for details.)

We pride ourselves on the quality of our product. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied we will refund your purchase upon receipt of your item.