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The HiddenHinge

The HiddenHinge

Designed for Easily mounting a Picture Frame Over a Wall Safe, Access Panel or in-Wall Storage Location

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150+ reviews between Amazon and Etsy

5 star review

Amazon Customer

Excellent product!
Smart design, once you figure out how it works and medium difficulty to install . Take your time and you’ll be fine!

Very pleased! See More Reviews

5 star review


I love my hinge.
You can’t even tell there is a safe behind my picture. Easy to install and I received it quickly. My questions before purchasing were answered promptly. See More Reviews

5 star review


Takes two people to fit. One person cannot hold the picture and screw hinges into the wall. The screws are too small for the latch. Not as easy as advertised to install but the result is worth it. CanNot tell it once in place. See More Reviews

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Conceal Wall Safes, Access Panels, Electrical Panels, In-Wall Openings, Hidden Doors, Storage Area behind a picture frame.

in wall safes

Rated #1 New Release on AMAZON!

The HiddenHinge gives homeowners an easy way to conceal access-panels, wall-safes, or any storage area behind a standard picture frame.

*Picture Frame & Safe not included (hinges only)