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Why Jon believed wall-safe's were a good option?

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Over the years Jon purchased a variety of gun storage devices learning the trade-off's of each choice.  He found that while large safes were secure, fire-rated and generally provided a measurable amount of storage for multiple guns, they were also expensive, difficult to conceal, too heavy move, required dedicated floor space and were commonly stored in an inconvenient location which reduced the likelihood of enjoying rapid and convenient access.  He tried various portable gun safes as well.  He learned that although they were convenient and more affordable than large safes, they could be easily stolen or compromised and were generally too small to offer any fire-rating or accommodate more than one firearm.  He also looked at various gun-hide solutions.  While many gun-hides were clever and convenient, he determined that they provided little to no actual security as they could be quickly compromised if discovered by a child or a suspect.  Gun-hides also offered no fire-rating and seem to always rely upon a separate device to open them, which if misplaced would render the gun-hide temporarily inaccessible.  While each of these options provided certain advantages, Jon wanted to find a well-rounded, affordable solution that was completely secure, offered moderate storage capacity, would be difficult to steal, could be discreetly kept in any room, required no secondary device to gain entry and could be conveniently and quickly accessed in an emergency.  All of Jon's research and experience led him to conclude that wall-safes might be the answer he was looking for. 

Wall-safes were similar in cost to portable safes, but unlike portable safes wall-safes would be difficult to steal or break into if they were ever discovered and they generally offered more storage space then most portable safes.   And unlike large gun safes, wall-safes could be put in any room without taking up floor space or even being noticed by anyone while still being large enough to easily accommodate a fireproof envelope for documents and a couple of handguns.   In addition to those advantages, wall-safes offered an unparalleled convenience as they required no secondary device and they could be rapidly accessed in an emergency. 

As he began looking for the best way to conceal a wall-safe, he came to understand that most wall-safe owners would just put it in a closet or hang a picture frame on a nail to cover it.  Jon recognized that hanging a picture over it could waste valuable time in an emergency and would require that the picture frame be replaced and leveled every time it was accessed.   As he was certain wall-safes could be a great option he set out to find a simple and more convenient way to conceal them.  After measurable efforts he quickly discovered that there were no solutions available as all the hardware options on the market would place a picture frame a suspicious distance off of the wall or leave a hinge-barrel obviously visible along one of it's sides.  Jon then looked into more complicated hardware options but determined that they were all very expensive and would require a fairly complicated installation process.

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